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Mariners are NO MATCH for the Rough Riders. River City Goes Back To Back

You could not have written a better script for the Rough Riders. From start to finish there was nothing but domination in the NLFL Championship game. 

41-0 was the score. River City is now 13-1 and awaits a hopeful bid for a National Championship.  

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Rough Riders Make A Huge Statement Against Revo.

From start to finish River City had very little problems with their rematch of the NLFL 2021 Championship game against the Rockford Revolution. 41 - 0 only told half of the story. Offense, Defense and Special Teams dominated in all three phases

Next up for River City will be a rematch between the Mid Western Wildcats .

River City Rough Riders 6 - 0

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Rough Riders Trounce The Bulldogs For The Second Time.

With 14:00 left in the 3rd quarter the Rough Riders had a running clock against Tri City. For the second time this season the game ended in a lopsided fashion. It could be easy to say that River City was looking forward to there rematch with the Rockford Revolution but they had to take care of business beforehand.

Next up for River City will be a rematch between the Rockford Revolution.

River City Rough Riders 5 - 0

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Statement Game Complete. River City Handles Mad Dawgs

Make no mistake, although both teams came into this game undefeated, the Rough Riders wanted to make sure the Madison Mad Dawgs would need to go back to the drawing board

River City put up 40 points and held the high scoring Mad Dawgs to just 14 points. 

It was the most physical game of the year. It definitely wasn't a pretty win with 19 Rough Rider penalties for over 200 yards, but they'll take the win and look to improve from those mistakes

Next up for River City will be away at the Tri-City Bulldogs on June 4th .

River City Rough Riders 4 - 0

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Tri City Bulldogs Call It Quits.

It was the first ever Rough Riders Hall Of Fame induction. Lots of excitement with the introduction, unfortunately the game didn't match.

The Bulldogs entered the game short-handed roster wise and it showed on the field. The game was called after halftime as the Rough Riders punish Tri-City 50-0.

Next up for River City will be the undefeated Madison Mad Dawgs at Swanson Field in La Crosse.

River City Rough Riders 3 - 0

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Riders Have No Problem With Chargers.

Nothing better than to start the 2022 season than avenging a 2021 pre-season loss to the Milwaukee County Chargers. The Rough Riders did it in big fashion by pitching a shutout 38-0.

River City starts off the 2022 Northern Lights Football League regular season Saturday May 7th against the Mid-Western Wildcats at G.E.T High School at 5pm 

River City Rough Riders 1 - 0

Riders Score Early and Often.

You can't get more from a team when you get five score from the defense and another four scores from the offense. The Rough Riders continue to show their dominance over the years against the Mid Western Wildcats. This time at a 70-6 clips.

River City starts off the 2022 Northern Lights Football League regular season by winning its 13th straight game dating from the 2021 season. Next up for the Rough Riders are the Tri City Bulldogs

River City Rough Riders 2 - 0

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